Considering the fact, Coronavirus has already hit its 3rd wave with an introduction of a super transmissible strain, Omicron we now know there’s no way we can go back to the same situations we used to enjoy back when the world was a covid free – Mask free zone. The chances are very rare that after the Omicron, any new strain wouldn’t be coming especially in a densely populated country like India, where many people do not abide by the Protocols as well. So, we need to accept the Covid strains and their presence until it goes away.

With accepting the presence of Covid, comes the need to adapt to the virus by following Covid safety Protocols, putting on masks, staying hydrated and maintaining a safe distance. Experts have suggested that maintaining a healthy lifestyle, diet,  getting vaccinations and Maintaining a safe distance from the Public is very important to assure our safety from getting infected by the Virus and keeping our loved ones protected too.

Following these simple regulations for our safety may sound easy,  and honestly, it is in an Era, where everything from tip to toe can be ordered online without any inconvenience and when Touchfree delivery is also available without any possible problems. One can get fresh air, from their terrace, schools and colleges are being held via Online mode.

But, there hasn’t been one place of safety where you can ensure your safety. Especially, business owners know how terrific the experience was since the beginning of the different  Covid waves. With each of them, a large number of employees couldn’t physically come to the office, especially for their safety.

But, amidst all the losses that each businessman have gone through it’s no more possible to avail work from home, for each employee and, especially for the important employees whose active participation is important.

Thus, to avoid downfall, and progress amidst the pandemic even workspaces needs to be regenerated in a way that is safe for each employee and ensure to provide every resource required for maintaining the Covid Protocols.

So, today we have come up with some tips to choose furniture to acquire a productive and Covid Cautious workspace –

  • Create a Spacious workspace and set the furniture pattern, that is distant from each of the tables and chairs. Revision your workspace in a way that helps employees maintain Social distance and would be helpful for each employee to maintain personal hygiene and Covid protocols. This would create both good physical and emotional impacts on the employees and develop a sense of comfort and safety. So, design your workspace with the hands of experts in the industry who has exposure to experience in creating a Covid Conscious Workspace.
  • Providing Desk Screen Provider – Even if your office isn’t large enough for giving access to a spacious workspace for such a large number of employees, experts in the field have created several options to choose from for the right intention. Get your office Desk screen that creates a sense of collaboration yet is conscious about maintaining social distance.
  • Provide a contactless sanitiser Stand- we are no less aware of the importance of a contactless sanitiser stand that doesn’t spread germs but gives a shield to the same.
  • Choose Healthy seating, lounges and healthy guest seating that are adjustable and flexible as well.
  • Shift your workspace to a safer zone with furniture that is specially made for the safety against covid, germ-free robust materials, bacteria and moisture resistance etc.

It may sound easy to redesign a covid cautious workspace, but acing it into a reality may sound problematic. So, leaving it to the hands of experts is a smart choice to make for yourself. We insist you visit Viak Group, a team of experts in the field of creating modular offices who would help you design a workspace that is Covid cautious, modern and professional enough to enhance productivity among employees.

Our wide range of product range such as Frankie Series, MT Series is designed for the convenience of their users.

So do not delay in making the right choice by giving VIAK GROUP, the charge of recruiting your workspace to be cautious against covid who have expert knowledge about it.

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