Inclusive office design where everyone can take account of their different needs and create a space that is accessible for them. Nowadays inclusive office designs are a hot trend in the market, and inclusive office design where every employee gets equal opportunities regardless of anything, the workplace where everyone is accepted and welcomed.

This concept is called “universal design”, but we prefer to call it “inclusive design” because the goal is to include all workers in the organization’s workplace. Whatever the name, the idea refers to a range of ways to make buildings, products, and environments inherently accessible to people with or without disabilities due to ageing or other conditions without the need to adapt or modernize.

The aim is to provide a friendly workplace that allows everyone to access the required areas and make full use of office equipment and resources.

Workspace interior should be taken into account in advance in an office environment and it creates a much friendlier workplace. A key aspect of this approach is that it avoids problems of concentration and fulfills the special needs of employees, allowing them to focus on their work without requiring adjustments or soliciting attention.

Interior design is defined by researchers as art and the science of understanding human behavior to create functional spaces in a building through technical solutions and innovation.

Within a structure, these solutions are applied by the Viak group to achieve an indoor built environment, and they are functional, improve the quality of life and culture of the occupants, and are visually beautiful. The interior design of the workplace is a key factor in job satisfaction.

How furniture influences the environment of the workplace and the performance of workers?

The vast majority of employees believe that a superior office design leads to superior overall performance and also makes the business more competitive.

Office executives believe their overall productivity has increased significantly when they have solved office design problems, the researchers say.

However, employees who believed that workplace design did not affect their performance heard reviews and positive feedback from the Viak team that good workplace design can make a significant difference and consequently in employee performance and thus have a positive impact on company productivity.

Various interior design factors such as furniture, temperature, noise, lighting, the layout of the space, exterior visibility, presence of plants, and colors were used to assess the extent of performance losses. Furniture is the factor that most contributes to employee performance.

  • The usability of office furniture is of great importance as an employee has to work with them all the time in the office, and if they are not comfortable or user-friendly, their work style and efficiency will be greatly hindered.
  • Improper office furniture can also affect the health of employees and cause many problems, adversely affecting work productivity.


Viak group’s title furnishing your world, they came up with the concept of modular furniture in India. They believe that placing the right furniture in your workspace not only adds warmth but also gives your desk some peace while working.

While modular furniture seems to be the best option right now, it makes sense to come and see the wide range of modular furniture available from the Viak team.

Why should you add a modular conference table in your next conference meeting?

It is important to consider the benefits of having a seating space at a meeting for a large group of people or a conference. In addition to complimenting the general design, the furniture will help to create a comfortable sociable environment.

Your guests may get tired of standing during the event, so providing a seating area or other furniture design will provide another place for them to relax and get away from the main event.

Viak Group is one of the most popular conference table manufacturers that manufacture furniture that employees are engaged in and maintain productivity. Here are some reasons to consider adding modular conference tables to the next meeting.

  • Make your client comfortable

Whenever you’re hosting an event, you want to make sure that guests are your top priority. If the guests are tired and restless, they will likely leave the event early. That is why it is important to provide a relaxation area with comfortable furniture.

  • Modular furniture helps to create flow

When hosting an event, seating and process are almost as important as the event itself. This is why it is important to create an atmosphere where people can move around and sit comfortably while participating in the event. Depending on the type of event you are hosting. Adding stylish furniture and modular can provide plenty of seating while maintaining a cozy and warm atmosphere.

  • Make your first impression good

Another thing to keep in mind that is often overlooked when choosing a conference table is to make a good first impression. When someone, whether a client or a new hire, walks into the office, they are likely to spend an hour or two at the conference table.

Here, they will wait, interact with you, sign papers, and make an overall first impression of your business. You stand a chance to make a good impression by choosing a conference table that is perfect not only aesthetically but also functionally. Viak group is also known as the best desking system manufacturer in Noida. Desking system is a new addition to their wide collection of furniture.


Finally, we can say that the interior design of the workplace has had a significant impact on the employee’s performance. The overall impact of different elements has shown that furniture affects most of the productivity of staff.

Therefore, it is recommended to take into account ergonomic furniture while buying office furniture.

Most respondents believe that good work designs can make performance differences and, as a result, they can have a positive impact on the productivity of society. As a result, the effects of employees are worth today that the real estate occupied by the company.

Design professionals need to expand their knowledge beyond real estate (effectiveness) to understand what actually makes people happy and comfortable.


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