Our office or workspace plays a pivotal role in shafting the unproductivity and unsolicited energies of our life. It witnesses our passion, spirit, joyous gestures or the biggest failures and drains out everything that’s not required. The simple moments of having tea together with your colleagues amidst an office day that’s full of work are the moments that leave a remarkable impression.

But, what we often forget is the right ambience of our office that is simply crafted with the accuracy of inlaying of the workspace furniture, plants and decor in a way to create a positive and happy environment. A good set up of workspace furniture sets our mood towards being more productive, enthusiastic and are the reason why to some people, Office feels like a second home.

While you’re creating a good workspace interior, there are innumerable things that need to be considered. You would have to keep in mind the right furniture that doesn’t consume much space and indeed makes the room look much more spacious, your requirements, your budget and choosing the right furniture with a subtle yet beautiful combination of colour.

The proper laying plays an important factor too, as much accuracy, as you put into creating a beautiful workspace as much it would be beneficial for you to create an impression on the visitors to your office or your clients. They would notice the simple dedication and accuracy in all your work from the core level.

But, amidst this huge pressure of creating a workspace that outspeaks your personality and creates a healthy professional environment, we hope you didn’t forget the importance of Lounge and Lounge Tables for your office.

Lounges can serve with a never of purpose starting from relaxing, a small meet up, discussions and many more. And, more than just the Lounge tables they play an important role in attaining their purpose with the lounges themselves. Thus, the two pieces must marry well with each other to serve the purpose of its usage.

But, having to choose so many things might get you to end up in a confusing situation, so here is our insight into the latest trends and tips of Lounge Tables that are in demand.  The little we can do to help you is gather you a detailed look forward –

Bassline Occasional Tables

Lounge Tables that add a Style Statement – Have you ever envisaged a workspace that’s bold enough to awestruck others and yet create a sense of sophistication in a very Minimal way.

To turn it into a reality, choose pastel colour lounges that can fit into the smallest corners and pick the Bassline occasional tables that pair the best with it with its modern and elegant design. This look would surely add a sense of diversity, boldness and professionalism to your workspace.

Campfire Personal Tables

If your lounge doesn’t have much of a height and you want to add support to it for doing various kinds of work starting from making notes, or coding on your laptop a coffee table wouldn’t be enough for you.

This is why Campfire personal Tables are specially made to serve your purpose of convenient working or studying while maintaining a balance in your workspace interior then the Campfire Personal tables are the perfect fit for you. Its low profile base, compatible dimensional area and lightweight design makes it the most beloved piece by workspace designers and this, are in the trend. Campfire  Skate Tables are also a similar alternative to the Camp Personal Tables and may be more convenient to some people.

Campfire Slim Tables

These Multitaskers are famous one every office and are welcomed by all. It is convenient to keep workable devices, to use for keeping things while a representation of a project or to just simply help employees brainstorm ideas or have little chats when paired with single lounges. It is a perfect office material in the modern era.

The built-in outlay makes these tables a better place to display decorative items and is a great way to refine a lounge area of an office.

Campfire Paper Tables

Campfire Paper Tables are a perfect way to add a minimal statement and embodiment of designs to your workspace. It is the best for holding face to face meetings and provides a writing surface to enhance creativity and brainstorm ideas from within. There is also a wide range of aesthetic designs that are perfect for your office.


If the decision of which Lounge Table to choose from as per your requirements has freed you, then it’s time you must have a look at an interesting range of office furniture and tables and lounge tables that would perfectly amalgamate your workspace while being visually arresting as its comfort.



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