“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” – Helen Keller

So true!!!

And that’s where conference rooms come in to picture. A room where your team can sit together comfortably to collaborate new ideas and avenues. Without a doubt, each one of us has different team size and so must be your conference room furniture. Here we are to help you with the type of desking you should opt for your conference rooms-

Round shape

Consider a circular table, where everyone meets on equal footing and the promotion of ideas is encouraged. After all, collaboration is often best served with good eye contact and an equal share of power. Roundtables are also convenient for smaller meeting rooms, and saving space is a beautiful thing.

Rectangular Shape

Consider a rectangle table, where hierarchy matters. Those at the head of the table can see everyone else while the others in attendance must change position according to who is talking. More the length of the table more is the power distance between those on the sides and those on the end. Ideal for boardrooms, rather than collaborative brainstorming sessions.

The U shape

The U shaped tables enhance the efficiency of space that gives the room a more productive “feel.” This design is useful during presentations, video conferences, or product demos. A presenter can walk straight up to any viewer can speak directly to him or her, hand out materials, or even teach a technique one on one.

The U-shape is a conscious choice by the company, may not be luxurious but very comfortable with a purpose to bring information to the forefront of the meeting.


Square shape

A large, square conference table doesn’t even need its own room to be useful. With added space for large presentations, brainstorming sessions, and spreading out, this design can be used just about anywhere. Have an open office plan? A square table fits quite nicely in a central location to be the focal point of a team or can be offset so as not to disturb other workers. When a project needs room to grow, this kind of table can be the perfect fit.

Once you choose the right shape table for your meeting room, look for comfort, go with tables at an ergonomic height and adjustable, breathable chairs to match. The more comfortable people are in the meeting, the better the focus on what you and your team have to say. All the fancy and powerful furniture in the world won’t matter if it’s not a joy to use.

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