A living room without a beautiful and elegant designer table is just like a supermodel without lipstick so to complete the look one should have a perfect designer table in the drawing-room that serves several purposes from storage to completing the look and displaying they are much needed in a space.

Here the question arises which style will work for your room whether it will be a wooden one with chunky legs or a metallic one with a glass top or should it be square or round or rectangle?

Choosing a designer table for your living room or workspace seems to be an easy enough tasks but you may get confused when you walk into a store with varieties of collection. A well-designed living room is the focal point of your home and the designer table is essentially the star of this space. The designer tables come with a versatile style and high functionality. From size and shape to the types of material there are various aspects to ponder before choosing the right designer table for your home.

A designer table is a kind of furniture that combines function, forms, style and service and is all-encompassing. Among an endless number of choices, there are certain logistic considerations beyond the feel of your mind and looks that you should consider while buying a perfect designer table.

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Things to consider before buying a perfect designer table

Apart from the colour, contrast and there are several things one should consider before buying a designer table, like being mindful of the heights, paying attention to proportions, knowing your clearance rule, striking the right balance and considering your own needs.

Here are the basic simple things that you should consider before buying a perfect designer table and modular office furniture.

1. Budget

You must be well aware of the price point of the designer table that can range from ultra-expensive to very budget-friendly. So before you start shopping or go for buying a table makes sure you know how much you will spend on it.

2. Shape

Think about the best shape for your space as you lay out the plan for your living room. You must take into consideration the pets or children if you have any. You should also consider the size of the room whether it’s large, small or narrow. A round and oval table is ideal if you have children or pets as a curve edge means sharp corners that can injure your children if they fall or bumps into it. A round-shaped or rectangular table will provide you little more space to walk past the room.

3. Size

You need to determine the size same as the shape as the height of the table is important. The standard height for a table is 16 to 18 inches and it appears well with a typical size of a couch but for a taller table, the size is a maximum of 20- 21 inches in height.

4. Material

Speaking of the material, designer tables come in a wide variety like industrial ones in metal, more sophisticated ones in brass or steel combined with glass. But whatever the material like maple, oak, cherry or walnut wood, they all have their feel and unique texture. Maple and Oak provide a casual look whereas cherry and walnut have more formal looks. You can consider using Lucite which will make your table appear floating in the room and offer a modern appeal.

5. Functionality

One of the primary and important factors is the functionality of the table. With the table providing storage or decorative look one must consider the functionality of the table.

6. Style

Before purchasing a designer table you should consider the style. You may choose a table of any style whether it is formal, informal, modern or vintage. If you favour a contemporary look then you can choose a sleek metal table with a glass top whereas if you want a casual looking table then you can choose a rustic oak table.

Now that you have considered the budget and learnt more about size, functionality or material and determined your style you can go shopping.

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