Why today world has seen momentous rise in global warming and why over the time the environment has been deteriorated? The reason is that, we have abandoned the perception of being sustainable. The current corporate world has somewhat played a role in adding to environment turmoil’s.

Keeping that in mind, Viak Group, manufacturers of modular office furniture are now focusing more on sustainability, reduction of carbon footprint, and opting for a more environmentally friendly work space interior designs.

The company provides a high range of sustainable workplaces and furniture to not only help the environment but to also stimulate a habit of becoming more sustainable and waste fewer assets.

Benefits of sustainable workplaces are:

Reduced Electricity Bills

With the increased use of sustainable energy sources companies can save up to 50% on energy bills. Companies focus on renewable sources of energy like solar energy and natural lighting. This leads to lesser carbon prints and decreased overall expenses.

Installing energy efficient equipment and use of natural resources can make a huge impact on the expenses and allows companies to earn more in less expenditure.

Better well-being of employees

New research suggests that working in sustainable workplace building could improve productivity, job performance and overall well-being of employees. It leads to increased productivity and improved results. Sustainable offices ensure proper natural light, clean air and open areas for employees.

Reduced Absenteeism

Use of natural plants and sunlight in the office helps employees in keeping well. Sustainable offices also offer superior comfort that makes working more easy leading to increased interest towards work. With superior comfort and presence of natural resources, employees feel more relaxed and get inspired to work more.

Increased Job Satisfaction

When employees get everything that they need, it leads to increased job satisfaction. It leaves a better image of the company in the society. Employees feel cared and satisfied and work dedicatedly for the company leaving a huge impact on the productivity. A simple change in the office design and infrastructure can bring laurels in terms of performance and revenue.

Sustainability Influences Workplace and Design

Sustainable development is the only solution to the key issues that we are facing in this modern world and helps to improve our health and quality of life by lowering our environmental impact on the world.

As human beings, we need to be more aware of the impact our decisions have on the environment, and how we can reduce negative environmental impact through our design.

For achieving a sustainable design, it is necessary to decrease our waste and carbon footprint. This can be accomplish in many ways in a designing scheme; from selecting carbon neutral finishes to choosing cradle furniture pieces and using energetic products. There is not a one size that fits all perspective on what sustainable design includes, especially when you also need to keep factors like current building conditions and the client brief in mind.

Building a Smart Office

By building a smart office, we can get multiple benefits like increased workspace, reduced expenditure, increased productivity and better staff engagement. Designing a smart office requires a lot of research and expertise in architectural designing. Smart offices include various factors like Ergonomic chairs, Smart storage cabinets, glass partitions and surplus space.

IndiabullsStorage cabinets make the storage task easy and give a confined look to the office. Nowadays, modern corporates need office that inspire employee and take out the best from them.

Sustainable and smart office allows employees to work more proficiently and inspires them to improve with every passing day. A smart office is not but sustainable but also loaded with components that any employee may need while working. This includes proper space management, ergonomics tables and chairs, power source, height adjustable desks, etc. Height adjustable desk is the most innovative furniture in office furniture category.

It allows employees to work without getting tired. You have the option of adjusting the height of the table as per your requirements. It is most beneficial to people who suffer from back injuries and back pain. Positive feedbacks have been received from all over the world regarding height adjustable desks.

Achieving Sustainability in Workplaces

Our connectivity to the natural environment is as much important than being indoors for most of the working days. It create a human-centred approach that improves our health and productivity. It also helps the environment by improved air quality and reduced energy usage as less electricity is used throughout the space.

Sustainability must be a part of our daily life not just an afterthought. Creating awareness in simple product or process changes to our designs gets us closer to a healthier world. Just by increasing the use of natural resources can make a major change in the energy consumption and overall expenses of the company.

Glass partitions also plays a major role as it allows natural light to pass. Decreased energy consumption and increased productivity leads to overall growth of the organisation.


Now raises the question of how to set up a sustainable and smart office in the reasonable rate?

As we read above designing a smart and sustainable office requires a lot of architectural engineering and brain storming. Viak Group, a leading sustainable office furniture manufacturers makes the process of office designing very easy. Their team of experts look after every factor and suggest you designs which are best for your office space.  Their team first measures the office space to design a detailed architectural sketch.

After the sketch is ready, it is shared by the clients for approval. Once they get approval, their dedicated team starts working as per the requirements. Every office is made with precision and gives 100% satisfaction to its users. While designing the office, their team focuses majorly on keeping the design sustainable and waste as less resource as possible. They also install glass partitions for the proper passage of sunlight.

Every office space is unique and Viak Group ensures to provide such uniqueness in the office designs. To know about sustainable office designs, kindly contact us on.

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