You cannot imagine a house without furniture and so goes with an office. Furniture makes a room or the space functional and made it more accommodating. Furnishings are not only beautifying a space but also add more comfort to the living and lifestyle. While manufacturing the furniture, it is an essential fact to keep in mind about the requirement.

Choosing suitable furniture

In the initial step of converting a room into one accommodable space like a home or office, you need to choose the right and perfect furniture that suits your taste. The furniture that attracts you and as per your choice will make your time in the home and the work in your office in excellent condition.

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Modular and Custom furniture

Many people get confused while looking for furniture for their houses or offices, whether they go for manual or readymade furniture or customizing furniture.

Modular or readymade furniture

Readymade furniture is made on a manual basis and only needs to fix them as per your requirement. These types of furniture are readily available at any furniture store.

Custom furniture

Custom furniture is the furniture that carpenters are making as per customers’ requirements. Custom furniture is designed as per the customer’s choice, adds more value, reduces the possibility of damage, and lasts longer.

Comparison between Modular and Custom furniture

If you compare modular and custom furniture, the custom furniture will come with a beneficiary outcome. In readymade furniture manufacture, the manufacturing company will put more value on the quantity than quality of the product.

Some other factors that will define the comparison between manual and custom furniture like:

  • The customized product keeps all the track clearly on producing the best quality product. In custom furniture, it is checking for the quality of the raw material and making the product with keen observation on its detailing and excellent work. The carpenter takes much time but makes a very crafty product. Whereas in the modular furniture, the product quality takes a minor matter as compared to product quantity. They make a tremendous amount of product, so there is no observation of detailing and perfectness. The quality of the product is better in customized furniture.
  • In customized furniture manufacture, the product is made as per the custom or size provided by the customer. The product will fit perfectly with the requirement. for example, if you customize a wardrobe, you will get it as per your requirement and include it in your room. But if you are getting a wardrobe from a modular or readymade company, your product might not fit well in your room, and the room will not look so attractive.
  • If you are customizing your furniture, you can instruct the craft man about your requirement and go with your budget, which is eventually pocket-friendly. On the other hand, in modular furniture, the product has a different value, and if you like any product, you have to pay a lot of money to buy this.
  • If you make or buy furniture, you will always want its durability, that the furniture should last long. In the case of customized furniture, you will get better durability as all the raw materials are provided or chosen by you, and you are providing the craft man to make a good product. While the modular furniture concentrates more on product quantity and the development will not last very long.

If we take a quick summary about the comparison, it is

  • Whereas the custom furniture is manufactured according to the customer’s choice, which is more based on products quality.
  • The modular furniture is made up of a particular size and shape, which might be face fit issues after purchasing.
  • But in the case of custom furniture, the furniture is customized according to the customer’s requirement.
  • The modular furniture might not last long if not taken care of as the raw material may not be good enough to stay for long.
  • The customized furniture is made up of the raw material that the customer is providing to the carpenter. So the product quality will be excellent and last long.


From the above discussion, it is clear that custom furniture is more reliable and adaptable than manual furniture. If you are planning to get good furniture, then definitely choose Viak Group to buy customized furniture.

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